Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hello out there.
I can't believe it's Easter This Sunday, and my birthday is this Tuesday! The first few months of this year have flown by, but at the same time they have crawled. Does that make sense to anyone else?
Anyways Today I am dying Easter eggs, I got a sand art egg kit and a tie dye kit. Yes I still dye eggs every year, I have a feeling I always will, It makes me happy. What can I say, I am childish.
Dying eggs is so whimsical and how can you not smile well you're doing it? My whole family does it, so at least it's not just me. This year I plan on being smart and wearing gloves so I don't dye my hands.
Anywho on to some outfit photos!

Shirt, OP, Walmart, 3$
Shorts, Vanilla Star, Marden's, 3$
Tights,Marden's, 1.50$
Shoes, fashion Bug, Marden's, 5$
Bandanna, 1$
Necklace, thrifted, vintage, 50 cents

(Please ignore how see through the shirt is, until I looked through the photos I had no clue that it was! Oopsies)
So I don't have to much to say about this outfit. Other then I really love these tights with these bright colored shorts I will for sure be wearing them together again! I really need to invest in some new shorts this summer. I was looking through my summer clothes and realized that I have almost no shorts, and the ones I do have are all pretty old, and just kind of blah.
Yesterday at the thrift shops 2 dollar a bag sale I got the most amazing 1960's vest! I'll share pictures soon. I am getting a small collection of killer vests. I was never really into them, and even now I'm not totally sold on them and I haven't really worn them much, but a couple of them are so cool and I just have to start wearing them!
I hope you all have a happy Easter, and if you don't celebrate then I hope you have a great weekend!
Have some Jellybeans!


  1. Awesome tights, especially with the shorts!

    1. Thanks! I'm really into the whole tights with shorts thing right now. Makes me feel like summers closer haha. =}


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