Wednesday, March 18, 2015

'Cause We All Want Change

Hello all,
I've been listening to Never Shout Never's new album Recycled Youth - Vol. One On repeat since it came out a few days ago.
 (Photos circa 2010... I was a silly thing even then)

 I've been listening to Never Shout Never since I was 14... That was 7 years ago! The new album is some of their old songs revisited and re-imagined, and there is something so surreal and nostalgic about it. So many of these songs were and are so important to me, they played all through out my teenage years and still do play, maybe not as much as they did when I was 14 but when one comes on I can't help but smile. Hearing all these songs in a new state makes me realize how much I grew along with the music I listened to. When I was 14 I never in a million years would have listened to these songs in this new state, I liked the happy little ukulele emo pop that it was, I mean I still like that don't get me wrong, but I have a much deeper appreciation for this deeper more "adult" sound that this album has taken on.

I guess this album came out at the perfect time really, my 21st birthday is on the 2nd, just two weeks away now, and it's hitting me how much my life has changed, I am so far away from that 14 year old girl I was, but I am also very much still like her. I never intend to grow up so much that I lose sight of that 14 year old, I know I will always be silly and childlike, but I have grown up since then. This album reminds me of all the changes that have happened since I first heard the songs, and still how little some things have changed. I will still always fan girl a bit when my favorite bands come out with new things, I will still have all the dreams of a 14 year old because we should never grow up so much that we forget to dream like that. 
Do you still listen to any of your teenage favorite bands?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I see your bangs were on point. lol
    I remember hearing about kids rave about that band, but it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea.
    You're very right on how we mustn't lose that inner teen. As we got older, we just took on more responsibilities. And yes, I still love a lot of the same music. :) I can never stop loving DIO.<33333333 *fangirl moment* hehehe

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. I'm glad you agree about not losing the inner teen =}

  2. That first photo is totally making me want to try and find a "Little Miss" t shirt! So cute!
    Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

    The Braided Bandit BLOG
    The Braided Bandit SHOP

    1. Haha I wore that shirt to death back then, I actually think that it's still kicking around somewhere, but who knows =p Thanks for visiting!


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