Monday, January 14, 2013

Dreams of being a 1950's housewife

                                                      Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

I was browsing through Pinterest today (what else is new) and I was looking at vintage pictures, and I came across some of 1950's housewives. That got me thinking, Woman really have no idea what they gave up. In the 1940s and 50s when a woman turned 18 she didn't have to worry about going to college and finding a job if she didn't want to, she could if she wanted but she didn't have to. More often then not she would get married at about 20 and would become a housewife. They did the housework, they made the meals, greeted their husbands when they got home and had a drink waiting, they entertained on the weekend and they took care of the kids when they had them. People were happy. Then all that went down the drain. Woman started “rebelling” so to speak, and then they didn't stay home they went out and got jobs and went to college, and I'm not saying that's wrong, our social norms changed and we all know that's bound to happen. But you know what, I think it was stupid of us to give up. Do you know what I'd give to not be expected to go get a job or go to college? What I'd give to get to be a perfect 1950s housewife? I'd love to keep the house clean, and make nice meals, and great my (future) hubby at the door. I think that's a good way of life. But now the social norms have changed and it isn't as socially acceptable as it was to do that. And I think it's sad that woman are so blind to what they lost, to what they gave up. Maybe it's just me that feels that way, but I don't think I am. I think there are more woman like me out there, and I honestly think there are a lot of men out there who would be thrilled to have a woman like that.
In today's world there aren’t Tupperware parties, Avon doesn't call any more, and we don't great our men at the door with a drink and a kiss. And that's sad. And in today's world, in today's economy, I'll more then likely never have the chance to be the perfect housewife. But I honestly wish I could.
Okay that's enough yacking from me. Have a great day!



  1. totally! I would love to be a housewife! There's not enough time to take care of the house and have a full time job.


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