Sunday, January 20, 2013

Animal Print Pants

Hi everyone
I know I kinda went MIA for awhile there and I'm really sorry. Every time I went to write something or take pictures something would always come up. I'm working really hard to try to get into a schedule with this whole blogging thing but that's pretty hard when you don't live a very scheduled life.
But anyway, here are some outfit photos

.                                                 Glasses, bought at Family Dollar, for 3$
                                                (Please excuse the mass amount of dog hair you can see on my coat)

I wore this outfit one day when me an my mom were running around town doing errands.
These boots are pretty much my standard winter wear. They seem to match almost all of my clothes, and they're really comfortable and warm. Looking at these photos I'd say I should take the time to give them a good cleaning. It's so hard to keep shoes and pant legs clean in winter!
Honestly this outfit for some reason kind of reminds me of a toy soldier. I Thrifted the coat and ended up having to cut the lining out because it was really ripped up, so I don't know what brand it was because I cut the tag out too, oops. The red leopard pants are also thrifted and the tag has been cut out. And the name in the boots has totally warn off from me wearing them so much. I'm sorry I can't give you anymore info on this outfit. But as anyone who thrifts knows, a lot of the time the tags are long gone and you won't know the size or the brand. That's why it's always good to be able to estimate what's actually going to fit you. One of these days I'll do a post about some of my hints and tricks to being able to tell if something will fit you, even when you can't try it on.
Any ways. Have a great day!

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