Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Yard Saling Tips

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So Since I am totally itching for yard sale season to start I thought I'd share some of my tips.
Honestly I don't remember a in my life that I haven't yard saled. It's tradition that every Saturday all summer I go out yard saling. It is one of my favorite ways to spend the week end. And over the years I have gotten pretty good at it if I do say so myself. And anyone could give you the basic tips, but I have a few most people don't think of, that make it easier and more fun, and will help you find sales and bargains. So here we go.

1. Ok first off, make sure you have supplies in your car. I know that sounds self explanatory but you know for some people it isn't. Always carry rope, screw drivers, a wrench, pliers, a hammer, and a junk blanket ( to wrap things in and protect the inside or roof of your car.)

2. Wear long pants. Honestly I don't do this most of the time. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea! 

3. Have good music playing well you drive, your favorite radio station, a good cd what ever. I honestly have found that listening to talk radio well looking for yard sales, just is not a good mix, it's actually distracting and doesn't pump you up as much as music.

4. Leave early! Leaving around 8:30 is usually good, don't go to sales at the last minute (unless they are going to give everything away for free at the end of the day.) This gives you time to make any stops you need to, and get to sales first thing because that's when the best stuff is out. It's worth setting your alarm.

5. Breakfast and coffee. You know yard saling is all about having fun, get a good cup of coffee, (bring a travel mug off it) or what ever you like to drink in the morning, and get a breakfast you can eat in the care, something yummy, muffins, donuts what ever you like. indulge a little.   

6. Bring small bills! This is really important, bring lots of ones and fives, and a few tens and twenties (just in case), and don't forget quarters too! I see so many people who don't bring small bills to yard sales and that just makes the seller upset and its a pain. I personally have a jar that I put my ones in just for yard sales and thrift shops, then I can just get them in my wallet quickly.

7. Have a tape measure in your bag.

8. now as for finding sales. Check everywhere! Check your local paper, Bulletin boards, and any where else you can think of to look. Honestly the sale's pre-advertised in papers usually aren't the best unless they are charity or church sales those are some of the best. But if it's a pre-advertised sale at peoples houses, save those for last, they tend to be higher priced, not always but mostly at least in my area. The best way to find sales, is to just drive around and look for signs, it's kind of an art to spot signs, look at poles,  corners road sides. Just look every where.  

9. Don't be afraid to dicker! It's part of yard saling. and it can be hard to do, but it becomes second nature after awhile. Just don't make insulting offers, as in, don't offer less then half the price. If you feel weird making an offer on one item out of what you want, bundle stuff. make a fair offer on a few things together. People will usually be willing to take less money the more you buy.

10. Take care of yourself well out yard saling. Put on sunscreen, you will be in the sun a lot. Don't wear a lot of perfume, it tends to attract bugs. Wear sunglasses. Bring bug spray, bring germ killer, bring wipes. Don't wear light easily stained clothes (something else I dont always listen too). Drink plenty of water.

11. If you go out alone, use good judgement. If the people look like they are phyco killers or they just look creepy don't stop, if the house the sale is at looks like you're going to get dragged into a basement dungeon don't stop! Basically all I'm saying is be smart, a yard sale isn't worth it.

12. Free piles are your friend. don't be afraid to look through some ones free stuff, I know it seems embarrassing but it's worth it trust me!

13. Have a back up plan. If you don't find any sales, or didn't find anything, hit up a thrift shop or two, go get lunch, run errands on your way home, do something fun, what ever. just don't let it feel like a wasted day because it wasn't.

14. Say you find a yard sale with amazing clothes. know how to size things with out even looking at the tag, you can't try them on, so do everything you can to figure out if they'll fit, it's actually much easier then you think. 

15. Be reasonable. Don't buy every cool thing you find (unless they are totally cheap). Think a little bit before you buy things, it's easy to get caught up in the moment at sales. Being I sell vintage on Etsy, I pretty much buy anything vintage I find, because if I can't use it I know I can sell it and make my money back at least. But if you aren't an online seller, be more cautious, other wise you will become a hoarder. Not that that's always a bad thing haha.

So there are 15 tips I have for yard saling. There are so many more tips and tricks, but this is a quick little list. I know some people are still funny about going to yard sales so maybe this will help some how. And maybe it will help inspire some of you to make it one of your weekend summer traditions too. In any case I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings about this. 
If you have any tips to ad to this, or you'd like to ask me anything about yard saling, just leave me a comment!
Have a great day everyone!



  1. agh! I can't wait for yard sales to start up again!! :) thanks for the tips!

    1. Welcomes! And I know right? I'm just getting so antsy for sales to start! =}


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