Friday, March 8, 2013

Deviant Art Favorites

Hello all
Today I'd like to share some of my favorite from Deviant Art.
If you aren't sure what Deviant Art is, well it's a place where artists can share their work and get feed back. It's like a social media of art.
So here are some lovely things I've found

Champagne and Strawberry by *EmilySoto on deviantART

This is just lovely!

An empty outline by ~Daydreamcolors on deviantART

This makes me think of those dewy summer mornings.

Rainbow rain by ~WickedLily on deviantART

I love the mix of color and black and white.

Twiggy by ~Weirdestkid on deviantART

It's Twiggy, I had to share it!

Untitled by ~emmalove48 on deviantART

I really like this for some reason.

IMG_2935 by ~Kelvjy on deviantART

I love this.

Clearwater Viewfinder Orig by ~mdmnay on deviantART

This makes me want to go to the beach!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these. I know I really love looking through Deviant Art, I always find some amazing things. You can find my DA account here. I don't add my own work to it half as much as I should, but I do from time to time post new things and you can see what I've added to my favorites if you want.
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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