Friday, April 5, 2013

My Favorite Beauty Products

Hi everyone,
So lately I have seen so many of my favorite bloggers doing posts about their favorite make up and beauty products. So I thought it would be fun to share my own favorites. 
I am definitely a girl who loves drug store make up, I honestly don't really notice a difference between most cheaper stuff  and the more expensive stuff. Any expansive make up I have was a gift and I just don't use it much. Actually I don't use much make up, my daily make up is just lipstick or chap stick and mascara.
Alrighty here are my favorites.

1. NYC Retro Red I wear this one the most I love the very vintage shade. 2. Wet n Wild 910D (no shade name) Another amazing red.  3. Clinique All Heart, doesn't really look like much color when its on but it makes my lips feel great. 4. Bazooka Lip Balm, it is so yummy! 5. L.A.Colors Moisturizing lip gloss Red Alert , this makes my lips feel and look amazing!

1. NYC Smooth Skin loose face powder Translucent, my only issue with this is that it is very messy! But I love the look. 2. Wet n Wild H20 proof eyeliner Ultra Black,I usually do not use the water proof stuff, I got it by mistake, but I love this brand of eyeliner. 3. Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara, you know how Twiggy's eyelashes look? Well I can almost get that with this, granted I have really long lashes. 4. GG eyeliner Global Chic,I had never heard of this brand before but I really like it.

1. The Healing Garden Organics, Pomegranate & Vanilla, I can't explain how good this smells! I really want to find another bottle of it. 2. Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream, this stuff makes my skin feel amazing and it has actually really helped my skin. 3.Pink With A Splash Soft & pure body mist, this is what I wear everyday, it has a nice fresh but sweet and soft smell. 4. NYC eyelash curler, I could not go a day with out this! My eye lashes grow kind of downwards so I have to use this or my lashes bother my eyes. It's the best one I've had. 

1. Sinful Colors Black On Black, yes I am a girl who wears black nail polish pretty often. I really like this black it only needs 2 coats to look good and it lasted me a long time, I'm really rough on my nails too. 2. NYC Skyline Blue, I just got this color recently and I have already used it a lot, it's a lovely color and it actually seems to last a really long time, again I put hard use on my nails.

So these are some of my favorites! I got almost all of these at Rite Aid,Walmart, or Family Dollar, other then the 2 perfumes and the Clinique lipstick that were gifts and I don't know where they came from (the pink is obviously from Victoria's Secret.). 
As you can see I am not huge on make up. I do love makeup but I am honestly very bad at applying it. I can never make it look very good. But maybe someday I'll get the hang of it. But I honestly don't think you need a lot of makeup to look good. Some times the days that I don't wear any makeup are the days I feel the most confident. But I do love my red lipstick and mascara. 
I really want to master doing a cat eye eyeliner style, So i keep practicing. People on YouTube make it look so easy! 
So what are some of your favorite beauty products? 
Have a great day! 

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