Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warm Weather Dreaming

So is any one else really super duper anxious for summer? That's kind of a silly question everyone seems to be. I'm craving warm weather so badly! Like I've said in other posts, I am just not made for this Maine climate. 
But oh well for now I'm stuck in this climate so I mine as well dream about the few short months of warm weather we have coming. I'm dying to put my winter coats and sweaters away and replace them with shorts and dresses. The only things I'm not looking forward to are the bugs, there are so many bugs here it's crazy! I swear they get a couple quarts of blood every year! And slathering in sun screen, being pale sucks sometimes. But all in all I can't wait for summer!

   Hat, thrifted, 25 cents
glasses Label Shopper and Marden's, 3$ and 2$
bathing suits, Marden's, 4.50$ each
Sandals, Label Shoppers, 3$ each
Hair flower, Marden's, 10 cents.
                      A couple of weeks ago Marden's got a huge shipment of bathing suits in, and I splurged and got a couple, they were just to cute to pass up! 
I cannot wait until I can wear these! I love dressing for summer, it is for sure my favorite season.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. These are so cute and what an amazing deal! I love those butterfly sandals! I'm not as excited for summer because I live in Phoenix but I used to live somewhere cold so I get it :)

    1. Thanks, I know i couldn't even believe how cheap these were. =}
      I'm actually thinking of moving out to Arizona some day.


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