Thursday, April 18, 2013

What to Wear - While Exercising

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of what to wear!
So this week we are showing off what we wear to exercise... Let me put it this way I don't exercise. I'm already running around to much for day to day life to have time or want to exercise. So I just kind of winged it and put on what I thought looked like a good outfit . I know that sounds lazy, but honestly I did the best I could. 

I dont remember where I got any of this and none of it has brands other then the shoes.
Shoes, Marden's, Fashion Bug, 6$

I know this is a really boring outfit, and I know I could have done better, but I think I  would really wear this if I exercised. Would I wear it out? Probably not, but I like it. I love these leg warmers they are so soft and warm, and I think they are just really cute. 
I felt so awkward posing in this outfit haha. I don't know if I would ever be able to go to a gym with out being severely self conscious. I really need to start doing a few crunches though.
Don't forget to go over to Nicole's blog Gypsy in Jasper  to see what all of the other ladies wear well they burn calories. Next time we are going to be doing What to wear for a casual coffee date, on may 2nd. So if you would like to join up just blog your look then and add your link to our link up!
Have a great day everybody!


  1. Ha! That's an awesome sentiment about "doing a few crunches"! Those leg warmers are quite awesome!

  2. Some of the outfits I've worn to work out at home look like that! :) I like the stripes.

  3. I agree; lovin' the tall socks!

  4. Perfect gym outfit, I like shorts as well!


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