Thursday, August 8, 2013

What to Wear - During a Thunder Storm

Hello hello!
This time around in the What to Wear series we are showing off what we wear during a thunderstorm! Now to be honest I had every intention and getting all dolled up with lightning bolts and such. But I realized I own almost nothing with lightning bolts on it. I even thought of drawing a Harry Potter Style lightning bolt on my fore head, but neither of those seemed right, considering that isn't usually what I'm wearing during a thunder storm. So I decided to go with what I really wore during our last storm. So as embarrassing as it is, here are the photos! 

Shirt, ???
Pants, Walmart, 3$

So yes these are pictures of me in PJs, but for the sake of being honest, this is typically what I wear during thunderstorms. I love quirky Tshirts, I have a rather large collection of them, that don't get worn nearly enough anymore. This one says " I'm Confused, Now wait... Maybe not".This one made it's way into my PJs because it was too hard for people to read and I got sick of people starring at my chest for that long. As for the pants, yes they have Care bears on them. I never even watched Care Bears when I was little (It was a tv show right?), but these pants are so comfy and cute I couldn't resist. I can't resist cute child like PJs haha.
I probably should have made my bed better before taking these but oh well. I just recently got a new bed and it's bigger then my old one so I have no sheets for it other then 2 really beat up flat sheets which I can't seem to get to stay on it, and this blanket which I really love but it is pretty beat up. I really need to get to a store and buy at least one set of sheets, to get me by until I find vintage ones to fit it. But for now I'm not complaining, because my old bed was making my back hurt and keeping me from sleeping. Anyways that's enough rambling about beds. Don't forget to go to Nicole's blog Gypsy in Jasper to see all the other ladies doing this weeks What to Wear, or to add your own look! And if you'd like to join the link up next time, we'll be back on August 22nd to show off what we'd wear to a music festival. I hope to see you all then!
Have a wonderful day!

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