Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Wore - Monday Monday

Well it's Monday...How did that happen? I swear time seems to be moving faster and faster. Anyway I had a great weekend! Friday I got a bunch of new listing up in my Etsy shop, Which for me I find to be rather time consuming but it's totally worth it. Saturday I went yard saling in a different town then I usually do, and oh my goodness it was great! I found so much stuff! I got enough vintage clothes to fill a laundry hamper, I might end up selling some of them at some point. I originally opened my Etsy shop to sell vintage clothing but then never ended up doing it. But yeah Saturday was one of the best yard sale days I've had this summer, maybe I'll do a haul post. Sunday my mom, my step dad and I drove 2 hours to go to the Bangor Fair, and lets just say this year was kind of a let down, it was smaller then it used to be, and there weren't as many animals in the agricultural part of it. After since we barely spent anytime at the fair we went candle pin bowling, which is a blast. I've never played regular bowling with the big pins and balls, but I think it would be dangerous for me to try, it's all I can do to not hurt myself playing candle pin. Then me and my mom went and won a bunch of tickets in the arcade. And yes me and my mom often act like children together.
Anyways onto the outfit photos!  

Dress, Yard Sale, 1$
Shoes, Marden's, Piper & Blue, 2$
Tights, Kohls (I think), 1$
Belt, Came with another dress
Glasses, Walmart, 1$
Headband, Family Dollar, 2$
Necklace, Marden's 1$

Okay so let me start by saying please ignore the mess! And I swear the plastic flamingo lights have a good purpose (they don't, yet).
I picked this dress up a few weeks ago and it is quickly becoming a favorite. There are only 2 small issues with it, someone replaced the zipper rather poorly and I'm scared I'll rip it out. And the straps have a tendency to fall down my arms. Both are easy fixes if I'd just get motivated to sew again. But in any case I love the print and the fit, it is just perfect.
 I know some people might cringe when I say I buy something at Family Dollar or Walmart, but as I've said before I don't care where it comes from just as long as I like it. Family Dollar has the most adorable selection of headbands and they are super cheap, I wear headbands a lot so I like having a good variety to choose from and I just cant justify spending over 3 bucks on one. And as for the sunglasses, they have a high UV protection, they are a great style, and they were only a dollar. I break my sunglasses constantly so I can't really justify spending more then 5$ on a pair, Walmart has a great selection and they are often very very cheap. Sure you might have to dig around stores like Family Dollar and Walmart to find something you like, but it's worth it in the long run. I don't really understand why people feel ashamed to buy clothes and stuff from those sorts of stores. Maybe it's just because I have very limited selection of what stores are close to me or maybe it's because I'm a cheap Yankee. Either way I like getting good deals and i don't care what store somethings from. 
Okay sorry for the rant! it's just something that's been bugging me lately.
Have a great Monday (or at least try)!

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