Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore - Wise Owl

Hi everyone!
I have been so bad about blogging lately that it's not even funny. These photos are from like a month ago! I can't believe I never posted them because I love this outfit so much. 
The last week or so it has been bitterly cold and we got our first real storm of the year and they are predicting more for us all week, it's actually snowing right now. 
This is the time of year where my electricity and internet start to go out rather often do to the snow and ice, a couple of days with out internet is awful when you're stuck at home in a blizzard. But that's just winter in Maine for you, brutal in all ways possible.

Dress, Yard Sale, Vintage, 2.50$
Boots, Thrifted, Vintage, London Fog, 1$
Socks Kmart, 1$
Necklace, Estate Sale, Vintage, 1$

I love this dress! I'm normally not big into maxi dresses, but this one is just so perfect, Plus it is nice and warm so it can actually be worn in cool weather. I was lucky and snagged another dress very similar to this one at the thrift shop, it's a different print and slightly lighter fabric, but it fit's just as perfectly as this one. 
I got all my Christmas shopping done, now all I need to do is wrap it. Which I honestly LOVE wrapping gifts. Everyone in my family usually has me do their wrapping for them, I just love it. Anyone who has ever ordered from my ETSY SHOP knows that I even wrap my orders on there like gifts for the most part, pretty tissue paper and a hand written card. Everyone who watches me pack my Etsy orders laughs and asks why I bother and I always say "because I'd like it if I got this in the mail" and i have gotten nothing but good reviews on my wrapping. 
I can't believe that it's almost the new year! New years will mark one year since I started this blog and I am so excited! I'm trying to think of a special post to mark the anniversary/new year. If you have an idea make sure to leave a comment! 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Cute dress. It's super cool that you thrifted it! I hardly ever have such luck~ maybe soon I'll run into some (it's time to start thrifting things for baby). *^_^*v

    1. Thank you! Thrifting is weird, some times there will be stretches where you find nothing and others times you'll hit the motherload.


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