Friday, January 22, 2016

The Mouse in the House

Well hi there
As I'm writing this it's 11 something at night and Sam and I just finished a major scrubbing of the kitchen. That was totally unplanned.
We were sitting in the living room watching tv when all of a sudden I hear an ever so soft little sound from the kitchen, I ignore it at first then it gets louder. I make Sam pause the show we're watching and we listen, "I think we have a mouse!" I say as I half push him off the couch. So he goes in and looks around as the scrunching sounds get louder. Finally he found it. We had part of a 12 pack of soda sitting on the floor under the table, you know the kind in the long cardboard boxes? It had some how gotten its self stuck in there.
Thank god for Sam, he was so calm about the whole thing, if it was me I would have been screaming. He covered the opening in the box with a piece of cardboard and brought it outside well I fumbled to get the door open for him. needless to say we won't be drinking that soda now.
So there we are at 9:30 at night, once the mouse is out of the house I spring into action in the kitchen. Doing the dishes in the sink, picking up any food related items that were out, tying to find where the darn thing came in, you get the idea. 
Now I don't want everyone to think our kitchen is a disaster, because it isn't. It did need a bit of tidying but it is fully sanitized. 
Growing up in the country I am fully used to the whole mouse thing. I grew up in a big drafty farm house, where getting a mouse in the house was almost a guaranty a few times a season. And no matter how many times it happened I still screamed bloody murder and freaked out.
But needles to say I'm used to it. And being totally honest I didn't do all the mouse proofing to the house I should have. I didn't really think of it for some reason. I guess since we hadn't seen any evidence I put it out of my head.
But oh well the kitchen is now sparkling clean and there are mouse traps all set out. And I will definitely not be letting dishes sit in the sink over night anymore. 
In the just over 2 months since we moved in we have gotten to go on plenty on plenty of homeowner adventures. The drains backing up two separate times, the smoke alarms all going off repeatedly at all hours of the day (the middle of the night most times) for no actual reason, and all manner of other little things. But with all the stuff we've had to deal with, good and bad, I wouldn't change a thing. I am always going to cherish these first few months in our house, because with every mini disaster, we've fixed it and then gotten to laugh about it. And at the end of the day that's all that matters, we get to be happy in our little home. And we get to grow as a couple and as individuals together. That is all I could ever ask for. I am happy with the perfectly imperfect life we are building. I could do with out the mice though haha.
Oh and heres a picture of Ollie, it has nothing to do with this post but I don't have any other pictures for it so here you go.

Well everyone, now that I've rambled about our crazy night I'm going to go and get comfy.
Thank you for reading and have a great night!

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