Monday, March 7, 2016

Apple Side Vintage is Now Reopen!

Hey there everyone!
I finally got my shop opened back up on Etsy. I am super excited about all the goodies I have to list. I only have a few listings up right now but over the coming weeks there will be lots more added!
Here is what I have up so far

Vintage Barbie Grand Piano Really Can Be Played

Well there is my first batch of listing up and ready to be sold. Just click on the link under each photo to go directly to the listing.
I am so excited to have my little shop back up and running! Make sure to check it out and favorite my shop for updates on when I post new things!
Have a great day!


  1. Oh my gosh that Paddington Bear is the cutest thing ever! I really love the little barbie piano too, I would love to see her playing it :) How are you finding etsy? I use it too, to sell vintage / upcycled clothes and I find it a bit of an art in itself sometimes. One that I haven't quite cracked yet! Good luck with your shop xx


    1. I really love the Etsy community and have really enjoyed it since I originally opened my shop a few years ago. It definitely takes awhile but you get used to the ins and outs. I highly recommend joining teams on etsy so help boost your listings, I've found that that really helps. Good luck with your shop as well! =)


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