Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I Wore - Fur Coats and Old Lady Smell

Hello there!
I remember when I was a kid I wore fur coats (plural, there was more then one). I'm not talking about ones that actually fit me or ones that were faux fur, I am talking about giant, real fur, heavy, thrift shop coats that smelled like old lady. My mom let me pick out my own clothes from a very young age, which led to some weird questionable fashion choices on my part.

 Now I have a few nice (faux) furs that fit properly, all still from the the thrift shop and all still kind of smell like old lady, most of my clothes smell like old lady it is just something that comes with thrifted vintage. As I was going through my coats, getting ready to put them away for the season the thought of my childhood fur coat love came to mind. I loved those things so much, I must have gone through 3 or 4 different ones before I was a teenager. All of them were pretty well the same: Brown and kind of stripped, that really rough fur that cheap old fur coats have, they all came down to my ankles if not a bit longer, I could honestly have fit five of me in anyone of them they were so big and they all made me sneeze my head of because they were dusty and real fur. This was before I realized I was allergic to everything, I guess being allergic to cats should have been a good indication I was also allergic to other random animal fur.

I was an odd child to say the very least, but I'm an odd adult too so I guess somethings never change. Looking back I realize I went through a lot of really strange fashions when I was a kid, and looking in my closet now I realize I've gone back to a lot of those fashions now. Which isn't a bad thing really, I liked really old styles when I was little, I just didn't have as good a taste at the time, now I can actually pick out dresses and fur coats that look nice on me, I can wear the highly impractical shoes, I can wear hats that don't fall over my eyes (for the most part). I'm really thankful that mom let me wear pretty much anything my odd little self wanted because that really helped me shape the weird mishmash of styles I have today. My closet is filled with everything from Victorian inspired pieces, to vintage styles, to gothic, to modern and everything in between, It might look a little crazy to someone else, but it is totally 100% me. I'm an oddball and I love it!

These pictures are almost a month old and really have nothing to do with this post, but I took them and wanted to use them for something. I have definitely fallen out of practice with taking outfit photos, I think it's been nearly 2 years since I took any! So hopefully I can get back in the swing of it.
And yes, that is a babushka. I've had it since I was like 10, like I said most of my oddness has carried into my adult years. Oh well it looks cute!
Anyways that's enough of me rambling! Have a great day!

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  1. Yay, old lady smell! Haha, it seems like the best clothes, and the ones with the best personalities, have this quality.

    Love how you've styled your scarf - so pretty! :)


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