Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Thrifting Haul

Ello all!
Okay first off I want to apologize! I was going to post this Wednesday, but we had a really bad wind/rain storm and it knocked my internet out for 2 days. And I was going to post it yesterday but I ended up having to much to catch up on. So I'm really sorry for the late post. Currently our telephone is still out. My gosh it sure was a bad storm!
Anyways here is my January thrifting haul!

First off, I got this wonderful vase. I just loved the color, and for fifty cents how could I pass it up?

Here is another adorable little vase, this time it's a bud vase, also cost fifty cents. and it was in with the thrift shops Valentines day things and its just so cute! 

This lovely vintage sweater/jacket was made in Italy. The photo doesn't do it justice. It fits like a glove and I love the color! It cost around seventy-five cents.

I can't wait to take some day trips so I can use this bag! its so big, and it would be perfect to cart around all my junk. it would also be a great camera bag if I got an insert for it. it was about twenty-five cents.

I love blankets and afghans so when I saw this I had to have it! It's hand made, it is in perfect condition, and it was beautifully made, someone took so much time on this, and I can just tell that a ton of love went into it. it was two bucks. 

Sorry for the glare on this picture.This book is actually really really good. It's Heloise's Housekeeping Hints. It was published in the 60's, some of the tips are very dated but all in all it's a good book. It was free.

These are far from snow boots but they will be great in spring and fall. They are vintage and from what I can tell were hardly worn. they cost a buck.

I got all three of these on the same day, I just thought they were so cute! (ignore how icky my wall looks.) I think they were twenty-five cents each.

 I love lockets! And this one just has such a cool 1970s vibe. It didn't have any pictures inside it but I have an idea of what I'll put in it. It cost a dollar.

And last but not least, my favorite! This turquoise record holder! Not only is it just so Retro and wonderful, it came with over fifty 45 records! I love it and I have loved a good amount of the records it came with! It only cost 2$! I just love it!

This isn't everything I got this month but these were some of my favorites. I got so many clothes in the 2$ a bag sale. I also got so many things to list in my Etsy shop! All in all it was a pretty good month for thrifting. I can't wait until summer though I miss going yard saling on Saturdays!
Well any ways I hope you are all having a great week end! And I promise I will try and post more.

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