Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I'm Loving on Pinterest

Ello Ello,
So it probably pretty clear that I spend far far to much time on Pinterest. The site it addictive!
Here are some of my favorite pins lately.

                                                                            Source: seniyye.blogcu.com via Lexi on Pinterest

This dress is so cute! It just seems to scream to be worn on a long summer night.

                                                                         Source: yesstyle.com via Lexi on Pinterest

I'd love to wear these!

                                                                        Source: classygirlswearpearls.com via Lexi on Pinterest

This looks like a very Maine outfit.

                                                                   Source: steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com via Lexi on Pinterest

This is such a cute outfit! I love the glasses.

                                                                            Source: wah-nails.com via Lexi on Pinterest

I wish I could do my nails like this!

                                                                         Source: homeadore.com via Lexi on Pinterest

I love this room, the red couch really gives it a nice pop!

                                                                    Source: zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com via Lexi on Pinterest

Another great room!

                                                                      Source: bbcfangirlproblems.tumblr.com via Lexi on Pinterest

Yeap this happens a lot

So yeah just kind of a random assortment of some things I found. If you want to see more things I've pinned you can find my Pinterest right here. Just be prepared for a random muddle of stuff, I do try and keep it organized.
Any ways, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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