Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I Wore - White as a Ghost

Hi all.
So let me start by saying, I take it back I clearly got no color in my skin on vacation. I thought I had but looking at these photos I can really tell how pale I am. I guess the 100 strength sunscreen I used worked pretty well. Being pale is a mixed blessing, I mean I like how my Casper white skin looks, sure I get insecure about it, but I think it's one of my best qualities and I know that through out history pale skin has been a mark of beauty. But then there are the draw backs, being this pale makes me more likely to develop skin cancer at some point in my life. When I get breakouts you can see the a lot worse. I never get a tan all I ever get is burns. And I have to spend 20 minutes before I go out in the sun making sure I have every inch of exposed skin covered in 100 strength sun scream which is thick, hard to spread and messy. 
But all that aside I have finally come to terms with my white as a ghost skin, and when I look at photos I don't think it looks half bad. So to all the other vampire pale girls (and guys) out there love your skin. Don't envy the people you see that are perfectly tan. Pale skin is beautiful even if that's not what the magazines and tv shows are telling you. 
Okay now that I'm done with my little rant here are some outfit pictures!

Top, Marden's, 2$
Pants, Yard Sale, NOBO, ??
Shoes, Marden's, Material Girl, 2$
Bandanna, Walmart, 1$
Sunglasses, Walmart, 1$
Necklace, Thrifted, Vintage, 50 cents

The top is actually a bathing suit top but I wear it as a shirt more then I do as a bathing suit, I don't think you can really tell, and I don't really care if anyone can tell. 
This is what I wore yesterday when it was cooler out then it has been. Now it's just as hot as it was but I don't really mind, we get so little heat here in Maine that I'm just going to enjoy it well we got it. 
Oh and please ignore the broken chair rung, and all the dust on the floor. The chair is constantly falling apart, and well the dust is because I hadn't vacuumed yet and I didn't realize how bad it was. 
Yesterday me and my mom hung up a vintage chandelier in my room, it isn't wired yet and I don't much care because I don't need the light but oh my goodness it's cool looking! I'll share pictures soon.
Have a great day everyone and stay cool!

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