Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I Wore - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Today I made an apple pie for the first time! And if I do say so myself I nailed it! Pretty proud of myself. I don't even know where the recipe came from, it's a clipping out of some magazine that was stuck in a cook book, I'm glad I used that recipe. 
I also went thrifting this morning, it was kinda a fruitless trip but I got a skirt and a book and a couple other trinkets so I'm not complaining. 

Dress, A|wear, thrifted, 50 cents
Shoes, Piper & Blue, Marden's, 1$
Tights, Claire's, 1$
Belt, Yard Sale 25 cents??

Choker, Marden's 1$
Skull Necklace, Claire's, 2$
Sunglasses, Claire's, 2$

First off I'd like to say that this outfit looks a whole lot more childish then I originally thought it did. But like I've said before I don't really mind look childish from time to time. But people do tend to think I am far younger then I am, I mean I don't think I look that young. Maybe it's because I have a childish way about me? I guess I shouldn't complain most people try to look younger, Hopefully I'll keep ageing well. 
I'm still on the fence about this dress, I love the front of it, but I'm still not crazy that it's backless. I've been trying to find a good shirt to layer under it or over it to hide the back. 
And you might see theme in where I got a lot of the stuff in this outfit. I know many people dislike Claire's, and I know it's a store that is more aimed at pre-teens, but they have some really great stuff mixed in and it's cheap. I had a 10$ off coupon and they were doing a really huge summer blow out sale so i got a huge pile of stuff and didn't pay a fraction of what I would have anywhere else. One thing I really like about their products is that a lot of the jewelry is for sensitive skin. I am one of those girls who has a big problem with my skin turning green from cheap jewelry, but this stuff is the best of both worlds, because it's cheap and it doesn't bother my skin. 
Okay I'm tired and rambling a lot so I'm going to bring this post to an end. 
I hope you have a wonderful day!

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