Thursday, October 17, 2013

What to Wear- To the Movies

Oh my hello again blogging world!
My last post on here was a What to Wear post so that means its been 2 weeks since I posted on here last!? How on earth did that happen! I've even taken outfit photos but I just haven't gotten around to posting them. It's amazing how time can just slip by, I mean Octobers already half over! This year is just going way to fast.
Well anyways it's What to Wear time again and this time we're showing what we'd wear to the movies. 

Shirt, Burlington Coat Factory, Ultra Flirt, 3$ or 4$
Tank top, Burlington Coat Factory,  , 3$
Skirt, Thrifted, Vintage, 50cents??
Shoes, Marden's, Piper & Blue, 2$
Socks, Kmart, 1$
Belt, Thrifted, 50cents
Necklace, Claire's, ??

To be honest I haven't been to the movies in forever. I think the last movie I went to see was The Simpsons Movie with my mom. I've tried to go see movies since then but every time the movie I want is sold out. When the last Harry Potter movie came out and when The Hobbit came out the line stretched at least 2 blocks pretty much the whole time they were in theaters. Which considering the theater is tiny is a sight.
I have to say I do prefer watching movies at home, it's much more comfortable. But I do think this outfit is a good representation of what I might wear.
I am really in love with skirts this season. I've never worn that many skirts despite owning some wonderful ones. But this fall they seem to be what I'm wearing most. I find it easier to layer with a skirt then I do a dress for some reason. I was a bit disappointed with this skirt for one reason and one reason only, it looked like it would be a great twirly skirt and it isn't it hardly moves when I twirl haha, but other then that I love this skirt. I'd like to find a skirt just like this except a bit shorter because I do think it looks a bit schoolmarm-ish, which is why I dressed it up with some edgier pieces. I tried to wear a cardigan with it and I ended up feeling like the teacher on Little House on the Prairie haha.
Anywho that's enough of my rambling. As always don't forget to see what the other ladies wear to the movie over on our link up on Nicole's blog Gypsy in Jasper and don't forget to add you own movie going look to the link up if you want! Or if you'd like to join our little link up next time we'll be back on the 31st, with you guessed it What to Wear -Halloween Costume. And ladies that's our last scheduled prompt we better send some ideas out!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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