Thursday, October 3, 2013

What to Wear - Polka Dots

Here we are again for another week of What to Wear! It feels like we just did the last one, boy time is going fast lately!
This week we're showing off our polka dots, which was actually more of a challenge then I thought it would be. But anywho on to the photos!

Shirt, Thrifted, Loft, 50 cents
Jeans, Walmart, ???
Shoes, Marden's Piper & Blue, 1$
Necklace, Hot Topic, 5$ish
Bracelet, Yard Sale, Vintage 

I love every piece I'm wearing in this outfit, but I'm not so sure I love them all in the same outfit.
I adore the detailing on this shirt and I wish I could find it in other prints/colors because it is just so adorable and easy to wear, I really love how it looks with necklaces. I'm finding that the farther into fall we get the more I'm liking darker colors and seem to be straying from my usual brightly colored clothes, which is relatively odd for me. But these fun neon polka dot socks give me at least a little kick of color.   
This week I've been slowly packing up my summer clothes and getting my fall and winter clothes out and it is just so depressing! In spring it's always really exciting and happy to pull out all those hidden away summer clothes, but when it comes to packing them up and getting out the cold weather clothes it is just such a bummer. But that's just how it is I guess. Right now I'm just enjoying the few last bits of nice weather before we get snow, because usually by the end of October we have at least had flurries up here in Maine. 
The one winter clothing accessory I am excited about are hats. I love winter hats and I really hope I can get a few more cute ones for my collection this season. 
Well anyways don't forget to check out all the other What to Wear ladies over on the link up on Nicole's blog Gypsy in Jasper and don't forget you can add your own polka dot look to the link up as well! or you if you can't make it this week and would like to join us, we'll be back at it again on October 17th to show of what to wear to the movies! 
Have a wonderful day everybody


  1. Gah~ I lovelovelove polka dots! Your pants are just adorable. Super cute outfit!


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