Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I Wore - Sh-sh-sh-shake It Up

 It is official fall rolled in last Sunday and we have the weather to prove it. I can't believe it's already the end of September! But I guess that's how it goes. 
I went thrifting yesterday and made some majorly amazing scores, I got a vintage wool skirt that's from Austria, and a skirt that's from Switzerland. The thrift shop was just so full of foreign clothes with labels in other languages, which for that thrift shop is odd, the closest to foreign they usually get is Canadian. But I sure did love hunting through all the clothes from far off lands! They were all amazingly made and those two skirts I mentioned are just the tip of the ice burg. I ended up spending 11 bucks (which is a lot at that thrift shop) But I came out with 2 bags bursting with treasures so I'm happy.
Anyways onto the outfit photos, I wore this some time last week but I don't remember what day.

Long sleeved lace shirt, Thrifted, 50 cents
Sleeveless top, Thrifted (?), ???
 Skirt (really a dress), Thrifted, A|wear, 50 cents
Tights, Marden's, ???
Shoes, Marden's Piper & Blue, 2$?
Belt, ??
Ear cuffs, Claire's, 3$ each

So first off I would like to say, I know this is nothing like what I usually wear, I don't have any color on and there isn't a vintage piece in sight. But the day I wore this I needed to shake it up and do something different and go for a touch of dramatics. And honestly I felt more natural and myself in this outfit then I have in a really long time. I felt confident. I even went out and ran errands in this, and I got more then a few odd looks and stares, but it didn't mater. 
So it just goes to show you sometimes it's good to shake things up and try new styles that you don't think you'll be comfortable in. Now I know that I can wear similar style outfits and feel totally comfortable, which for me is good because I like to wear a wide variety of styles. 
I'm not saying I'm shedding my love for brightly colored clothes or vintage, because I've been wearing just as much of both. but now I feel like what I have in my wardrobe is more versatility, and I can feel confident picking up different pieces at the thrift shop.
Well anyways  I hope you all have a great day!

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