Monday, June 10, 2013

What I Wore: Strawberries

Hi Everyone! 
So I am finally back and I hope to get into a scheduled again with blogging now that things have cleared up around here a little.
So here are some outfit photos from over the weekend! 

Dress, A|wear, thrifted, 50 cents
Necklace, vintage, thrifted, 50 cents
Belt, vintage, Thrifted, 25 cents
Shoes, Piper & Blue, Marden's, 1$

I loved this outfit, I felt really good in it. I wasn't sure about this dress when I picked it up because I am very insecure about my back and I didn't think I'd be confident enough to wear an open back dress but then I put it on and really loved how it looked. Just like always I don't think these photos really capture the dress well. but I like them. 
I've been having a lot of trouble figuring out what to wear lately, my style seems to be changing very rapidly so it's been hard for me to pick out things, that I like. Has this ever happened to you?
I hope I'll be out of my fashion slump soon and that I'll figure out what my style is turning into soon. 
I'm sorry that my room is messy in the background of these photos, I cleaned it after I took these.
I'm trying to think of some fun posts I can do, and I have a few things in mind but I'm not sure about them yet. 
I hope you all are having a great Monday!

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